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Design and Build

Design and Build in AEC (Architecture, Engineering, and Construction) industry is a complex process. Designing is the first step that later on develops into the building. Providing a proper base is what Silicon Engineering Consultants Limited is an expert at. Our designing process is always approached by the step-by-step thorough process, executed efficiently by our team of designers and engineers.

We have a sizeable project experience and multidisciplinary approach results in best residential and renovation projects. Every aspect of your project spans from conceptual to completion is brilliantly handled by our team.


Designing is the process that gives the detailed view of whole construction. Our Design process gone through 6 steps:

  • Define the Problem
  • Collection of Information
  • Concept and Visualization
  • Functionality Analysis
  • Developing Solution
  • Implementation

The Design Process is one of the crucial steps as it breaks down the complex project into the streamlined task.

Remodeling & Rebuilt

We provide detailed service in remodeling and rebuilt that gives the perfect design for your homes. Remodeling is the best way to revamp the house with a fresh outlook. It includes the concept drawing, budgeting, working drawings, and final walkthrough.

Whether you want to renovate or planning to redo a small section of your house.Our renovation and rebuild solutions span the initial ideas and concepts to get through the project by supervising the process. Our all-in-one approach pulls out the stress and ensures the best results.


Each of Residential Design Process is a distinctive and comprehensive step-by-step method that varies as the complexity of the project. It further extends as:

  • Preliminary Research
  • Site Analysis
  • Brief Development
  • Concept Designs
  • Design development
  • Final Design
  • Interior Design and Finishes
  • Construction Systems
  • Floor Plan and Building Form
  • Window type, size, and orientation
  • Heating/cooling System
  • External Finishes
  • Water Systems
  • Landscape Design
  • Shading Solutions


We provide house plans and drafting solutions for renovations, new homes, extension or house raising projects. The planning process mainly includes the understanding of technical, economic, and spatial performance. Our main focus is to lay ideas into paper efficiently and provide the plans.

The planning phase involves the collection of project data, understanding the space of every function and its utilization, and document management. We understand the countless process required for authorization of designs. Therefrom we work closely with engineers, architects, and builders, hence coordination and delieverance of project are smooth and on-time.

Additions and Alteration

We undertake the Addition and Alteration process across the Auckland and whole New Zealand. Our wide reach of service developed into a worthwhile experience for you to take a shot with us. The Addition refers to developing a whole a house and room underneath while Alteration refers to internal changes of a house where any minor change or addition of new room takes place.

Here at Silicon Engineering Consultants Limited, skills and experience matters and the same reflects in our results. The quality and quantity of project delivery vary as per requirement hence we have a strong grip on our flexible approach.

Pre Design Plan

Along with a solid foundation for a structure, strong planning and understanding of design are also required. Before commencing the design, assembling the plan is the first step. Each of the aspects is planned and analyzed such as space of construction, the scope of requirements, project cost estimation, role and coordination of each technical disciplines, and tools and site analysis.

We manage each kind of project irrespective of its size. We spend a substantial amount of time and planning beforehand, results in fewer issues and streamlined process. Our Pre-Design Planning led the project run smoothly from start to finish.

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*Our Building projects are executed in association with KB Projects. KB Projects is Master builder and all new build comes with 10 years Master Builder warranty.