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Electrical Engineering Hamilton

Siliconec NZ is a leading firm that is specialized in CAD based services. Our team of expert professionals is well-trained and skilled with wide experience. Our eloquent designs and cutting edge technology paves our way to success and achievement. We are not only confined to the country also but also reaching beyond the International boundary and making the global impact.

Electrical Engineering is mainly focused on the disquisition and application of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism models. Here at Siliconec NZ, subsequent sub-field of Electrical Engineering is also available to serve the various areas of industry and the same way we place our engineers that can with a wide range of projects as per the requirement of a client. Out team of practicing engineers and project managers have got the right amount of professional certification and the members of a notable professional body. Each undertaken project has employed efficiently by considering the standardized unit of measure that includes the International and national standardization of units i.e. volt, ampere, coulomb, ohm, farad, and henry. The team of Siliconec NZ is aware of every current development that takes place in the field of Electrical Engineering and we don't apprehensive to include the advanced technology that leads to speedy and efficient completion of a task.

Our Major Electrical Engineering service includes:
  • Electrical 2D Drawing
  • Electrical Designing/Drawing
  • Electrical Drafting Services
  • Electrical Panel Design Drafting
  • Electrical Product Design
  • Electrical Product Drafting
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Electrical Control Panel Design Hamilton

Control Panel Design is one of the fundamental necessities for each genre of manufacturing Industry. The basic understructure and framework are fundamental for the control of different types of machines and hardware. As a CAD based firm, the services under the Electrical Engineering is composed with the truly necessary settlement of competent safeguarding standards. Our Electric Control Panel Design Services are completed in an intricate way where our Engineers outline a reasonable and error- free Control Panel Design Layout and Control Panel Drawings that gives the correct understanding to the customer in their given service. Alongside each kind of Control Panel Design, we additionally offer Lighting Control Panel Design for better and proficient electrical lighting background.

Our Key Services:
  • Control Panel Design
  • Control Panel Design Layout
  • Control Panel Drawings
  • Lighting Control Panel Design

Electric Energy Audit Hamilton

Energy Audits are the appraisal, investigating and examination of energy flows and energy protection in a building. Energy Audits are intended to limit the measure of energy contribution to the framework without hampering the yield. Our Electrical Energy Audits Services is unequivocally capable that characterizes the creation and inclination of our team of a gifted workforce. Our Electrical Energy Audits Design is clear and to the point for an efficient comprehension of the customer. As a CAD based association, the Electrical Energy Audits Design Services of Siliconec NZ is the best in Industry, served inside the reasonable reaches. Alongside a carrier of in-house CAD firm, we likewise Outsource Energy Audits to other required organizations and projects.

Our Key Services:
  • Electrical Energy Audits
  • Electrical Energy Audits Design
  • Electrical Energy Audits Design Services
  • Electrical Energy Audits Services
  • Energy Audits
  • Outsource Energy Audits
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