Meet the Team

The success of every organization belongs to its team with their varied use of expertise from the experience of various team members. That's how the unity of a team works in the success of every undertaken project.

Our team of Silicon Engineering Consultants Limited is a squad of talented and passionate professionals who keep their heart and mind together to work through every undertaken project. We are extremely a client-oriented team that combines the requirement of clients with our excellent technical abilities - lead to a collaboration of successful result.

Our respective team of management and professionals are well certified in their relevant expertise. They believe in the successive hierarchy of innovation, development and pioneering. It is indeed the exceptional know-how approach of our team that Silicon Engineering Consultants Limited is at the pinnacle of achievement.


  • Hardik Panchal

    Hardik Panchal

    Marketing Director

  • Dipak Bhavsar

    Dipak Bhavsar

    Design Director

  • M V Rupesh

    M V Rupesh

    Executive Director

  • Nayan Panchal

    Nayan Panchal

    Executive Director

Meet the Engineers

  • Samir Mehta

    Samir Mehta

    Sr.Structural Engineer

  • Jagdip Bajwa

    Jagdip Bajwa

    Architectural Designer

  • Sunil Patel

    Sunil Patel

    Project Leader