MEPF Shop Drawing

Silicon Engineering Consultants Limited is a leading firm mainly pursues the designing, drafting, and consultancy for sections of Architecture, Engineering, and Construction Industry. We are mainly based in Auckland ( New Zealand) with a worldwide presence in USA, UAE, and India. We hold together a team of talented and passionate professionals whose excellent toiled performance and knowledge take Silicon Engineering Consultants Limited to the path of prestige and accomplishment.

MEPF Shop Drawing is the central expertise in MEPF Engineering Service as no matter what MEPF task you take, a precise Shop Drawing at the initial stage is required for a successful build. A well defined Shop Drawing simplify every stage of the installation process. Hence, our MEPF Shop Drawing communicate the right information which proceeded as per the stages of placement of different and appropriate members. An installation with a good shop drawing can be aided positively for significant reasons. Silicon Engineering Consultants Limited specialized in making Shop Drawings which naturally practiced the ability of our team in a brilliant manner and helps to think ahead. Our brilliant results are the outcome of working knowledge from our draftsmen, detailers, and Engineers that immediately reflects in the conclusion that comes in the form of streamlined, clear, and sophisticated structures. We always ensure that shop drawings are delivered as per the industry standards and specifications.

Our Main Pre- Engineered Services

  • 3D Modeling
  • Fire Fighting System Drawing
  • Fire Safety Drawing
  • Mechanical Shop Drawing
  • Plumbing Shop Drawings
  • Piping Shop Drawing
  • HVAC Duct Shop Drawing
  • 3D MEPF Shop Drawings Services
  • Electrical Shop Drawing

We have a skilled and specialized team of MEPF drafters headed by the variedly experienced and highly certified project managers to deliver innovative and professional drafting and designing service. Not because Silicon Engineering Consultants Limited is providing but, a MEPF Shop Drawing has numerous benefits of its own which can fruitful in long term. Most importantly it improves the building quality and productivity as it boosts the enhanced plans, off-site fabrication, and informed trade crews.

Our Methodology

  • Combined 3D Rendering
  • Comparison Information
  • Fabrication Infromationplementation helps our clients to assemble projects in a virtual environment for identifying and correcting potential problems before
  • Installation Information
  • CAD-based HVAC, Electrical, Plumbing, and Fire Fighting system coordination
  • Notes of Changes from Construction Documents

With the day-to-day growing of Silicon Engineering Consultants Limited, we offer the best solutions to Architecture, Engineering, and Construction industry. Our solutions are encased in such a way that clients can assemble the whole project through a virtual medium. Our team of expert professionals is armed with best of tools and techniques. We are expert in functioning on multiple platforms to offer Shop Drawings that directly stored in the preferred software.


  • Customized Solutions
  • Qualified and experienced professionals
  • Cost Effective Services
  • No compromising on quality and accuracy
  • Systematic Planning of every undertaken project
  • Efficient Solutions
  • Confidentiality of Client's Data
  • Time Bound Delivery

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