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Architecture Shop Drawing

A Shop Drawing is a central part which plays the role of blueprint or pattern for the main design. A Shop Drawing is an arrangement of drawings as generated by contractors, subcontractors, fabricator, manufacturing, and supplier. Shop Drawings are created before the actual construction as it mainly displays the designing of prefabricated components. Mostly illustrated components cabinets, air handling units, millwork, elevators, trusses, structural steel, and precast concrete.

The Architecture Shop Drawing is created in order to unveil the manufacturers or contractors information as per the architect’s construction documents. The Architectural Shop Drawings are more descriptive and informative than the architectural presentation drawing. The process of Architecture Shop Drawing can be a tiresome task as it requires a major degree of understanding in design and construction. The process starts with preparation of working drawings in best suitable tools followed by the 2D and 3D versions.

Shop drawing comprises of :

  • Dimensions
  • Notes and Specification
  • Enlarge Details.
  • Enlarge cut section with material and dims
  • Enlarge skin sections.
  • Junctions & joints
  • Sequence
  • Material detail

Our Methodology

  • Plan
  • Scheduling
  • Performance Charts
  • Clarity in Intent of the Design
  • Sequencing
  • Preparation of Adjacent Structures
  • Identification of Field Dimensions
  • Applicable regulation & Standards

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