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Architecture BIM Service

Silicon Engineering Consultants Limited is a leading organization serves to Architecture, Engineering, and Construction with regards to designing and drafting with the help of CAD software. Our team of expert professionals is well-versed with the latest prevailing software in current market. It is indeed the exceptional knowledge and dedication of our workforce that leads Silicon Engineering Consultants Limited to the zenith of success and achievements.

The trends and major shifts in technology is the biggest motivator in the domain of Architecture. Since the introduction of Building Information Modeling (BIM), lots of time-consuming tasks were reduced and minimizes the unnecessary hard work that designers, technicians, and engineers used to put for every given venture. The powerful tools for BIM in Silicon Engineering Consultants Limited, deliver the intelligent-model based process that successfully executes the planning, designing, construction, and management of buildings and infrastructure. Our software for Building Information Modeling includes the precise and accurate design for architectural design. Our advanced methodology of BIM for Architectural services supports the multi-discipline process for collaborative designs. Our created designs are intended to effectively communicate to project owner and team members through high impact 3D visuals. Our chosen software's design-oriented BIM potential permits conceptualize ideas, furthermore, editing and analyzing of projects, generating drawings, schedules, and improving construction details.

Our Main Architectural BIM Service

  • Building Information Modeling (BIM)
  • Architectural Building Information Modeling
  • BIM Outsourcing
  • BIM Design Solution
  • BIM Drafting
  • BIM Engineering
  • Architecture Revit Services
  • BIM Coordination Drawings
  • BIM 4D Modeling Services
  • BIM 5D Modeling Services
  • BIM Construction Detailing
  • BIM Construction Cost Estimator

BIM technology provides the proper solution for architectural design throughout the process. With each undertaken project, we try to gain an insight not only with aim of completing the project, simultaneously gaining the knowledge and impart the same amongst our valuable client. The integration Building Information Modeling with Architecture has truly transformed the designing part of the construction industry which aims to deliver excellent built environment.

Our Methodology

  • 3D Visualization
  • Building Sections
  • Circulation Details
  • Design Development of Elevations, floor plans, and building schemes
  • Details of Construction
  • Exterior and Interior view of the building
  • Illustrative Design
  • Information on material specifications, quantities, time schedules, and costs
  • Intelligent Libraries

Our first and foremost purpose is to implement customer excellence by identifying a global project that holds the BIM technologies and sustainable design in Architecture domain. We pass on our services from value to flexibility and simplicity. We have direct access to wide range of important 3D design which carried out by suitable innovative tools. We let our clients visually explore the constructability and predict better project outcomes.

Why us

  • Brilliant Designing
  • 100% success guaranteed
  • Powerful Workflows
  • Cost Effective Price Range
  • Cutting Edge technology
  • Rich Visualization
  • Multi-discipline platform
  • Centrally Shared Model
  • Time Bound Delivery

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