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Architectural Services New Zealand

Architectural Planning

Architecture Engineering mainly focuses on building design and construction. Our team of engineers applied to every project from both, creative and analytical perspective.

Structural Services Auckland

Structural Engineering

Our Structural Engineering look after the contemporary buildings and their structural requirements. We provide a well-versed team that look after the A-Z of every undertaken project.

Scan to BIM Service Hamilton

BIM Engineering

BIM engineering is the definition of advanced technology leads to streamlined project. We constantly pace up with the rapidly changing the Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry.

Welcome to Siliconec NZ We offer a combination of best of features that is affordability, efficient team and quality service.

Siliconec NZ is a leading organization specializes in CAD based services. Our team of qualified and experienced engineers and technicians are well-quipped with every latest software accompanied with its updated version. What makes us apart from our contemporaries is excellent blending of cutting edge technology and the dedication of our expert professionals who are 24X7 attentive of even the minute detail of every structure and layout.

We are not only a professional space to handle the CAD projects but delve in to the research of every aspect of role played by CAD in Architectural, Engineering and Construction expertise. Each undertaken project is handled in systematic manner and coordinates with every involved discipline. Our main goal is the customer satisfaction that depends on our commitment to provide the designated services within the deadline.

Siliconec New Zealand

Our CAD Services Each area of expertise is available at Siliconec NZ.

Architectural Engineering Services Hamilton
Focuses on designing of construction process. Our designs have the great impact of contemporary outlook of AEC industry.
Structural Engineering Services Tauranga
Understanding and calculation of stability, rigidity and strength of built structures along with integration and supervision of their designs.
Electrical Engineering Services Dunedin
Application and designing of electricity, electromagnetism and electronics that spans from basic circuit theory to management of Electrical Engineering.
Building Information Modeling Services Christchurch
Generates and manages the physical and functional zones of given structures that runs throughout the inception to completion.
Civil Engineering Services Wellington
Deals with designing, maintenance and construction built structures that require the detailed analysis of technical aspect of every given structure.
Plumbing / Piping Engineering Services Auckland
Concentrates on designing and implementation of Plumbing Planning. The main area of focus here is the creation whole allotted planning.

Recent Projects Our various projects that defines our potential.

Architectural Ellerslie
Structural Epsom
Civil Glendowie
HVAC Greenlane
Plumbing Piping Greenlane
BIM Kingsland
Shop Drawing Lynfield
Steel Detailing Mount Albert

Why Choose Siliconec NZ ? We take care of suitable requirement of our valuable clients

  • Quality is the main priority
    Our first and foremost goal is to offer a qualitative service that adds value to our products and credibility. We never compromise project, when it comes to compromise.
  • Cost-Effective pricing
    The pricing of our services are as per the output generates after the completion and value of hard work we put on particular project. There is no unnecessary cost added to any service.
  • On-time delivery
    Every project comes with time limit of its own. Working within this time limit and complete the project as per the given deadline is our strict commitment. We assure for the timely-delivery.