As Built BIM

One of the basic footing for each of AEC related solution initiated with Building Information Modeling (BIM). Here at Silicon Engineering Consultants Limited, As-Built documentation is frequently used that supports the effective BIM project execution. As the demand of sustainable infrastructure is increasing, we incorporate As- Built Drawing based on BIM framework. An accurate As-Built BIM Model is prepared for various kind of renovation, retrofit, and refurbishments. Our As- Built BIM models are visually rich and easy to understand.

We are excellently functional in delivering BIM as-built drawings obtained from BIM models or in that case from other drawings. We incorporate each of the essential information into BIM to generate As-Built BIM Model. It is the only aid to understand that if the building needs a renovation. The data after completion can be inaccurate and comprehensively intricated. In this case, as-built drawings are used to solve this issue.

Our Methodology

  • Top view diagram
  • Dimensions of a Building
  • Orthographic drawings
  • Conversion from Point Cloud to As-Built BIM
  • Markup Drawings
  • Field Verification
  • Laser Scanning

Silicon Engineering Consultants Limited always holds the main aim for best client design and build better projects by executing the best of technology and potential of engineers. We have an extensive experience in a wide range of industries such as residential, industrial, public sectors, institutional, and Health Care. We are completely supported by the knowledge and talent of skilled engineers, detailers, architects, technician, and draftsmen. We currently participate in a project based in New Zealand as well as a global sphere.


  • Committed to Project Accuracy
  • Efficient Project Management
  • Integration with Cutting Edge Technology
  • Adherence to Standardized Codes
  • Preference to Innovation
  • Customer Focused
  • Profit Driven
  • Success Guaranteed
  • Time Delivery

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