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Structural BIM Services

Silicon Engineering Consultants Limited is a well-known and eminent organization specialized in designing and drafting for the verticals of Architecture, Engineering, and Construction. Our team of expert professionals is majorly acquainted with prevalent softwares in the industry and their methodology. It is the sheer dedication and hard work of our workforce that contributes towards the success and achievement of Silicon Engineering Consultants Limited. We are mainly based in Newzealand (Auckland) and exploring our solutions at the global level.

Structural BIM is an integral role in the life cycle management that immediately starts with design to completion even till the demolition. Building Information Modeling has proved to an advantageous for Structural Engineers as BIM helps them in regularly updating the model with ever-changing designs or general specifications. Without any doubt, BIM has transformed the handling and visualization of components in a structure. The designing activities such as Structural Analysis and Conceptual Designing gets an extra lift through Structural BIM. Structural BIM Services provided by Silicon Engineering Consultants Limited is mainly comprised of drafting and detailing as well as 3D modeling. We provide a top-notch 3D analysis that results from the unbeaten combination of advanced design and analysis capabilities. The aim of our 3D analysis is to execute cost saving and to make certain the safer designs. Our team of professionals is proficiently accomplished creating an accurate structural model with correct information so that the other professional involves in the project can get a clear idea of every aspect of the structure essentially building property, building geometry, geographic pieces of information, building materials, and resources required for the given project.

Our Main Structural BIM Services

  • Building Information Modeling
  • Structural BIM Services
  • BIM Modeling for Steel Structures
  • BIM Structural Services
  • Structural BIM Modeling Services
  • BIM Cost Estimating Services
  • BIM 4D Services
  • BIM 5D Services
  • BIM Coordination Drawings
  • BIM Outsourcing
  • BIM Construction Detailing
  • BIM Construction Cost Estimator

Silicon Engineering Consultants Limited has a well-equipped team of structural engineers and detailers, well-informed with International codes and standards. Our expert team at Silicon Engineering Consultants Limited accommodate the clients to gain information from other disciplines such as contractors, sub-contractors, and architects etc. With the integration of Building Information Modeling, our team of engineers can develop real-time and realistic designs. As a result of which client can make better decisions keep away the design errors and maintain a perfect sustainable strategy.

Our Methodology

  • Structural BIM Modeling
  • Coordination Modeling
  • Precast Detailing/modeling
  • 4D Scheduling
  • 5D Cost Estimation
  • Quantity and Material Takeoff
  • Steel Structural Detailing
  • Construction Documents
  • Parametric Libraries
  • Structural Analysis
  • Structural Design

Silicon Engineering Consultants Limited devotes religiously to ensure the deliverance of high quality to clients. Our sole aim is to provide the client with a quality service without exhausting their financial resources and give them the best results. Each of the undertaken projects is handled by providing a clear picture of design and construction process before the actual commencement of construction.

Why us

  • Strive for construction efficiency
  • Direct Communication Channel
  • Faster Client Approvals
  • Cost Effective Price Range
  • Secure Payment Method
  • Advanced Technology
  • Timely Delivery

If you are looking for high-quality Structural BIM Service, connect with us at Team Silicon Engineering Consultants Limited will be glad to assist you.