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Detailing Services Silverdale

Siliconec NZ is a CAD based organization that provides the CAD based service all over the globe. Our team of expert professionals is well-informed and qualified superbly to handle the fragmented and complex industry that of Architecture, Engineering and Construction. We are not confined to the walls of the native country but also reaching to the every corner of the globe.

Siliconec NZ helps the structural engineer to various contractors to develop cost effective and safe structural steel cross sections. We offer the best steel detailing services across the industries that hold thorough and complete procedure of Steel Detailing services. The steel detailing process starts with the production of detailed drawings for steel fabricators and steel erectors that are designed by steel detailers. Siliconec NZ prepares the detailed plans, drawings and the documents related to manufacturing and erection of steel members such as joists, metal decking, trusses, stairs, handrails, columns, beams, and braces. We provide our Steel Detailing service of towards the commercial, public, industrial, municipal, residential and low-rise residential project. Our steel Detailing projects work closely with the team of architects, engineers, steel fabricators and general contractors.

Our Main Services :
  • Steel Structural Detailing Services
  • Steel Detailing Service
  • Steel Fabrication Drawings Services
  • Shop Drawing Service
  • Erection Layout Service,
  • 3D Shop Drawing
  • Shop Drawing Detailing
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Stair and Handrail Detailing Silverdale

Siliconec NZ is a market leader in Stair and Handrail Detailing Service where along with in-house activity, we also outsource our Stair and Handrail Detailing services to other agencies. A handrail in the staircase is one of the important elements as supports the whole staircase and keeps the person from falling off from the stairs. Siliconec NZ aims to provide the innovative, top-quality structural and practical handrail detailing service that promptly meets with client’s requirement. The process is composed of designed sketches that are scanned and later on converted from raster images to vector images carry through latest scanners and CAD software. Our Stair Handrail Drawings exhibit an accurate image of each structural element, their placement, connections between the structural element and precise dimension. Our Stair and Handrail Detailing procedure are carried out as per the International codes and standards.

Our Key Services:
  • Deck stair handrail detailing drawings
  • DNA stair handrail detailing drawings
  • Glass stair handrail detailing drawings
  • Spiral stair handrail detailing drawings
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Joist Detailing Silverdale

A Joist is primarily the structural component that is utilized to frame the floors and roofs. It consists of a pair of collateral chords connect by a series of bisected supports called “web”. Our Joist Detailing Service is consist of preparing a detailed and precise list of bills of various products as defined in the Structural Design Drawings. Within the Joist Detailing Service, we are specialized in open web joist, Joist Girders, deck, bridging and accessories accompanied with erection plans, sections, and details for the appropriate and safe installation for the Joist. We offer our Joist Detailing as parallel with Structural Steel Detailing that provides as an effective option for the project that requires a tight schedule which is one of the top demand of client for given projects.

Our Key Services:
  • Bar Joist Designs Drawings
  • Floor Joist Designs Drawings
  • Joist Beam Designs Drawings
  • Wood Joist Designs Drawings
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Pre Cast Panel Detailing Silverdale

Siliconec NZ offers the detailed