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Fire Hydrant Design

Fire Hydrant plays an important role in controlling the fire as it usually placed over the strategic locations that deliver water for firefighting. The Fire Hydrant is pressurized or unpressurized depends on the location of the water source. The fire hydrant sizes along with required hose reel determined by the required code. Structure of Fire Hydrant is essential as the location and size affect the degree of fire protection as well as fire insurance rates.

At Silicon Engineering Consultants Limited, we developed Fire Hydrant Design suits the type of application with code compliance. The major one designed here are wet-barrel and dry-barrel. The major difference between is that the former connected directly to pressurized water source while the latter is detached from the pressurized water source. In dry barrel design, the fire hydrant is separated from a pressurized water source by the main valve in the lower section. Fire Hydrant is an active component for fire protection.

Our Approach

  • A detailed study on the code
  • Concept layout proposal is driven by Code
  • Defining the strategic location for the fire hydrant/Stand pipe
  • Preparing the design complying with the life and safety plan

We are a specialist in bringing innovation and knowledge in the designing/drafting projects executed through standardized fire engineering services and solutions. We have driven by a core set of values which define our expertise and understanding of client's need. We constantly strive to achieve brilliance in every aspect of our task hence deliver the sustainable design.

Why Us

  • Adherence of Industry Codes
  • Prioritise and design safety
  • Reliable and Cost-Effective Solutions
  • Attention to Detail
  • Accurate Calculations
  • Advanced Technology
  • Guarantees Quality
  • Updated and Licensed Software and Tools
  • Timely Delivery

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