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Fire Hydraulics

A Hydraulics in the literal sense is recognized as the mechanical property of water with motion and their application synchronized with engineering. Water is the primary extinguishing source as it is available in an instant. A good Hydraulic Engineering enhances the operational performance of Fire Service, hence, Silicon Engineering Consultants Limited adopted a comprehensive approach that efficiently calculates the fire pipes associated hydraulics.

With our growing expertise, the Fire Engineering has earned a reputation among the construction peers, as we create a full set of the required design documents at an affordable price. We provide a full range of Fire Hydraulic Designing Service that drafted in a way to extract innovative solutions to serve our clients. We use a collaborative and interactive approach that inspires to evaluate pros and cons of each project.

Our Approach

  • Preparing the concept suiting the required application in accordance with the required code
  • Analysing the sprinkler design prior to performing the calculations
  • Optimizing the hydraulic calculations by applying diversity based on the different case study
  • Fire pump selection based on the optimized hydraulic calculations

Owing to our diverse engineering experience as working with different technical bodies, we are committing to providing the best quality using the latest available technology. Our extensive knowledge and experience ensure the project will going to be entirely compliant and safe. We adopt the challenges in an innovative way with a professional attitude.

Why Us

  • Cost Effective
  • Advanced Technology
  • Confidentiality of Client's Data
  • Licensed and Updated Software
  • Specialist Consulting Engineering Solutions
  • Motivated and Experienced Engineers
  • Driven to provide High Quality
  • Coherent and supportive Consulting
  • Seamless transfer of Ideas
  • Timey Delivery

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