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Fire Pipe Sizing

Fire Pipe Sizing is a part of Fire Protection Engineering, especially for the Fire Sprinkler Fire Sprinkler/ Hydrant (Stand Pipe) System. The effective designing of the piping system is essential for fire protection, as an efficient piping system can meet the requirement of affected zone controlled by zone control valve. Our best software is used for Fire Pipe Designing that efficiently calculates and designs the required layout. Due to our swift-natured task, we take less computation time that seamlessly goes with virtual simulation with the chosen project.

First and foremost the required application studied in detail in order to estimate the required demand. We at silicon carefully analyze each applications/rooms prior to identifying their hazard levels in order to determine the required sprinkler. Upon finalizing the sprinkler location the Fire Pipe Network shall be sized.

Our Methodology

  • Analysing the application in order to conceptualize the demand
  • Analysing each space in order to identify their Hazard levels
  • Conceptualizing the fire network
  • Zone control valve at the strategic location and its design
  • Detailed fire pipe sizing according to the design head loss driven by code and standards.
  • Spacing between Sprinklers

We are a specialist Engineering Organization offers the solution in various parts of New Zealand with various range of engineering segment. Our prime goal of executing powerful work planning methodology to ensure the efficient delivery of projects. We give the consistent attention to client satisfaction and ambition of fostering a long-term relationship with them. Our talented pool of professionals delves deep to bring out favorable results.

Why Us

  • Protection of Confidentiality
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  • Productive Project Management Methodologies
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  • Time Bound Delivery

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