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FM 200 Systems

FM-200 is a mainly a fire suppression agent which is electrically non-conducive and safe for human beings. It is clean, colorless, and environment-friendly agent extinguishes the fire by removing the free radicals or heat elements, not leaving any residue hence reduce the downtime after a fire. FM 200 System is defined as a waterless Fire Protection System is released with the chances within 10 seconds and represses the fire instantly.

With our designed FM 200 System, you can count on speed and efficiency which provide the right kind of fire protection. It is a widely used in occupied spaces as it is designed with an extra edge for the safety of people. Besides providing the fire protection, the environment will also gain abundant benefits. Considering the advantages, usage of FM 200 System positively impacts the catastrophic Fire. We at Silicon Engineering Consultants Limited carefully analyse the water sensitive area and provide the proposal of this system in accordance with Code.

FM200 System Component Design

  • FM-200 Storage Components
  • FM-200 Distribution Components
  • Trim Components
  • Slave Arrangement Components
  • Supplemental Components
  • Control Panel
  • Early Warning Detection and Alarm Devices

The cylinder assemblies of FM 200 System are is mainly determined on the basis of nominal cylinder size, Fill Capacity, and Valve Discharge Size.

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