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HVAC Load Calculations

Obtaining an accurate heating and cooling load calculations is an important aspect of HVAC system design. HVAC Load Calculations depend on code/standards, Building materials, nature of the building, Kind of Air quality, required thermal comfort etc. An inaccurate calculation leads to wrong-sized HVAC system, which results in the unbearable atmosphere in the room, improper moisture control, noisy operation, and malfunctioning of the system.

Owing to the fact that HVAC Load Calculation requires a great deal of time and attention, Silicon Engineering Consultants Limited precisely offers the same. We accurately calculate the amount of heating and cooling for any building which depends on numerous factors.

Our Methodology

  • Climate Zone
  • Size of the Building
  • Type of Envelope
  • U-value each component
  • Nature of application
  • Occupants activity
  • Fresh air / Ventilation requirement
  • Directional Orientation

Basic Rules HVAC Load Calculation

  • Design considerations
    • Geographical location
    • Building Size
    • Outdoor and indoor design conditions
      • relative humidity
  • Thermal enclosure
    • U-values of each and every constructed segment
    • insulation values
    • Infiltration
    • External and Internal shading
  • Internal loads

We provide fast and reliable HVAC Solution that you can count on. Whether it's a commercial building, residential, or Industrial building, we support every type of structure. We keep up with current technology to avoid the hassles. Our client includes builders, general contractors, Architects and property owners.

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