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Specification Preparation

Specification Preparation is an important step in Mechanical (HVAC Engineering) as it specifies the various details of an each and every component and associated system. A specification preparation is a set of documents that underline the material, design, and works and schedule of works for a project. Silicon Engineering Consultants Limited develops the detailed specification of works which is prepared to suit the project requirements which is driven by applicable codes and standards.

After a detailed understanding from client’s side, the detailed schedule of work is prepared which later on becomes the part of tendering to acquire the best projects. The specification requirement is combined with our communication ability to present it to the third party. Here, in Mechanical (HVAC ) scenario, the specification comprises everything right from the system, type of contract, quality of materials/product, applicable standards, and execution process.

Our Methodology

  • Various Design Purpose
    • Primary Purpose
    • Functional Requirements
  • Intent
  • Performance
  • Construction
  • References for
    • Quality
    • Standards
  • Materials
  • Identification of
    • Installation
    • Testing
    • Submission

Silicon Engineering Consultants has gradually become the proven market leader in the industry in overall New Zealand. We offer our solutions to large commercial and Industrial clients as well as conventional residential services. Our valued customers can expect a thoroughly professional and reliable service that create a trustful association. We provide an efficient and well designed Mechanical System, that save time and money.

why us

  • Highly Experienced Professional
  • Highly Experienced Professional
  • Efficient Service
  • Adherence to Standardized Codes
  • Covers a wide range of areas
  • Environmental Friendly
  • Proper Consultancy for Right Advice
  • Maintenance of High Ethical Standards
  • Profitable and Sensible Business Policies
  • Unique solutions for complex Design
  • Caters Problem Solving Space
  • Time Bound Delivery

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