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Ventilation Calculation

Ventilation Calculation is an essential part of Mechanical Engineering aspect for any building whether it’s residential, industrial or a commercial structure. A basic theory of every building is ventilation either naturally or mechanically. Silicon Engineering Consultants Limited takes care of building ventilation as per the code requirement. We perform the ventilation design based on clients requirement and ensure by optimizing the energy. A Ventilation System comprises fan sized as per the required ACH is driven by code based on applications.

Calculation of following units

  • Required Air Supply Temperature to be maintained in the facility
  • Circulated Mass of Air based on ACH
  • Duct System

We develop quality mechanical services owed to Ventilator Calculation through digital approach for designing lead to strategizing appropriate plans for efficient solutions. We understand your requirements and ensure to meet the expectation which further cultivates the favorable results. We are well-equipped with latest software and tools that productively execute the project.

why us

  • 100% Success Guarantee
  • Qualified Engineers
  • Affordable Price
  • Advanced Technology
  • Licensed and Updated Software
  • Standardized Solution
  • Evaluative Process
  • Adherence to Standardized Code
  • Realistic planning
  • Stringent Quality Process
  • Security Measures
  • Accurate Drawings
  • Time Bound Delivery

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