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Sewage and Vent Pipe Sizing

A Sewer and Vent play an important role in maintaining the odor environment of the building. A proper Sewage and Vent Pipe Sizing is essential as it actively maintains the proper functioning of the plumbing system.

Sewage Treatment and Sanitary Sewer is useful for removing the impurity and pollutants from wastewater that discharge from household and commercial buildings. The Sewage Piping leads to underground carriage system that transport the sewage from commercial, industrial, and residential through pipes to disposal area.

A Vent System is an imperative part of Plumbing Engineering. It is used for eradication of waste product from the building. The importance of Vent Piping is not only limited to the Plumbing section however it extends to health concerns of building occupants.

Types of Vents

  • Individual Vents
  • Relief Vents
  • Circuit Vents
  • Branch Vents
  • Stack Vents

Our Methodology

  • Calculation of Drainage Fixture Unit
  • Sanitary Branch Sizing as per Drainage Fixture Unit (DFU Value)
  • Calculation of Main Building Drain
  • Sizing of Vents as per Plumbing Code

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