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Facade Shop Drawing

Facade Shop Drawings are the mainstay of every facade fabrication industry as it reflects the structure and shape of building's facade. They work as a layout, utilized by project managers and installers which greatly influence the profitableness of a project. Our idea for Facade Detailing is to create the aesthetically feasible and economical Facade Fabrication Drawings to support cladding.

Our Main Facade Shop Drawing

  • Facade System Drawings in Detail Views
  • Front and Sides Elevation Facade Shop Drawing
  • Curtain Wall Facade Detailing
  • Building facade detailing drawings
  • Aluminum facade detailing services
  • Rainscreen Facade Drawing
  • Glass Facade Support

Designing of Facade requires the specialized skills and advanced Technology for different facade application. Facade Detailing Drawings are achieved by conducting a detailed study of the facade. Our design is based on Standardised Building Codes for safety and legal concerns. Our Facade specialists provide Facade Fabrication Drawings to Building Owners, Architects, and Professional Construction agencies. The technical guidance led our valued clients to reach the target within the budgets.

Our Methodology

  • Concept
  • 3D Model
  • Structural Loading Analysis
  • Shop Drawing
  • Fabrication Drawing

Silicon Engineering Consultants Limited has sculpted a niche in the industry for their impeccable focus on quality and best customer service. Our main goal is to define the structure's unique aesthetic appeal, leads the exceeding of expectation in terms of designing and performance. We avail oneself of most advanced technology and tools to communicate our creative and technical ideas.

Why Us

  • Coordination of Each Discipline
  • Quick end-to-end Solutions
  • Competitive Prices
  • Complete Software Packages
  • Best-in-Class Solutions
  • Ensure Quality and Consistency within Time
  • Experienced Team for Shop Drawing and 3D Modeling
  • Optimized Performance
  • Timely Delivery

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