Pre Cast Panel Detailing

Silicon Engineering Consultants Limited is a pre-eminent and outstanding organization located in Auckland, New Zealand that offers the CAD based services at larger scale and goes across the various industries. Our team of expert engineers, detailers, and technicians are thoroughly skilled and variedly experienced to tackle every sort of project that spans from Mega high rise buildings to small improvisation in drawings that leads to umpteen successful projects.

Here at Siliconec NZ, Pre-Cast Panel Detailing Service is offered as fast and reliable solutions at affordable rates. The main function of Pre-Cast Panel Detailing is the detailing of concrete panels that are pitched in a reusable form which is rehabilitated in the controlled environment. We are a big agency that has the experience in all phases of Pre-Cast Panel Detailing along with proven track record of previous successful projects that certifies our niche in Architecture, Engineering and Construction Industry. Siliconec NZ has a vast knowledge in every aspect of Pre-Cast Panel Detailing operations providing unbeatable standards of flexibility and Pre- Cast Detailing Service. In Pre-Cast panel detailing, we have gained considerable expertise to offer you the best and most feasible Pre-Cast Panel Detailing Service. We have successfully completed various projects for the different companies of New Zealand.

Our Main Services

  • Pre-Caste Panel Detailing Services
  • Precast Concrete Wall Systems
  • Precast Detailing Services
  • Precast Detailing Services
  • Precast Engineering Project
  • Precast Engineering Services
  • Precast Fabricators
  • Precast Panel Detailing Services
  • Tekla Precast Concrete Detailing
  • Tekla Precast Panel
  • Tekla Precast Panel Design

The reason Pre-Cast panel detailing is such a prevalent service in the Engineering and Construction industry because precast concrete panels are one of the most commonly used building materials worldwide. It opens various prospective for contractors, engineers, designers, and architects throughout the building lifecycle. Our created Precast Panel Concrete is available in all shapes and sizes. It is the mixture of vertical and horizontal steel-reinforced concrete ribs and precast concrete panels.

Our Methodology

  • Bar Bending Schedule
  • Beam & Column Detailing
  • Embedment Detailing
  • Grout, Ferrule Locations
  • Lifting Leg locations
  • Marking Plan
  • Precast Beam Detailing
  • Precast Column Detailing
  • Precast Detailing
  • Precast Erection Drawings
  • Precast Shop Drawings
  • Precast Slab Detailing
  • Precast Stairs Detailing
  • Precast Wall Panels Detailing
  • Quantity take-offs
  • Wall Panel Detailing

With the support of our own in-house consultants and experts, we are able to offer worldwide clients the Pre-Cast detailing solutions. Siliconecnz supervises its every undertaken project from initial concept to final precast detailing design. Our cooperative approach to every project helps in reducing the cost, improves the quality and the outcome comes in the form of efficient use of resources.

WHY Choose US

  • Experienced and Dedicated Team
  • High-Quality Service
  • Timely Delivery
  • Optimized Project Delivery
  • Usage of Latest Technology
  • Flexible Manpower
  • Data Security and Confidentiality

For further information on our Pre-Cast panel detailing, feel free to reach us.