Schematic Structure Design

Silicon Engineering Consultants Limited offers Schematic Design Services as per the scale and size of the project. Our team of expert professional analyze the site and utilize the information collected at the pre-design stage to produce initial sketches and design of proposed construction. We understand the need of client with proper visualization of project details.

The Schematic Structure Design is an important part of a construction project as it outlines the requirement, improvements and construction expected for the project. Hence, we determine enough information and alternatives that allow clear direction for successive phases. The main function of Schematic Design is to make you understand the main design concept and orientation. Each participated discipline produces their version of Schematic Plan with the same scale, format, and drawing positioning.

Our Methodology

  • The basic design approach
  • Collection of information from site
  • Relate each discipline with Master Plans
  • Working methodology of building functions
  • Structural facet of Design Concept
  • Graphic Description of Evaluative Details
  • Visual and functional relationship
  • Rapport with the surrounding environment

The stage of schematic design composes the construction of a conceptual design which represents a path for future designing and development. Our team of experts has the successful accumulated experience to understand the client requirements and meet these expectations while working as per confirmed codes and standards.

Schematic Structure Design


  • Potential to meet strict deadlines
  • Deliverance of Quality Design
  • Cost Effective Pricing range
  • Confidentiality of Client's Data
  • Cutting-Edge Technology
  • Standardized and Licensed Software
  • Well-Learned and experienced Engineers
  • Goal to offer real value
  • Covers Wide range of Services
  • Backed by Strong professional Credentials
  • Time Bound Delivery

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